Class of 2018

Name: Emily Anderson
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Chemical Engineering
Position in DG:  VP Panhellenic
Involvement on Campus: Society of Women Engineers
Favorite DG Memory: Big-Little reveal!

Name: Jillian Balkenhol
Hometown: San Mateo, California
Major: Nursing
Involvement on Campus: Case Kismat Fusion Dance Team, SpartanTHON, Student Turning Point Society, Orientation Leader, United Student Nurses Association
Favorite DG Memory: Any time a sister comes to a dance performance, asks me how my day and/or test was, gives me a cookie they made just because of any other little moment that reminds me how grateful I am to be a Delta Gamma.

Name: Caroline Bencivenga
Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
Major: Finance with a minor in Psychology
Position in DG: President
Involvement on Campus: Autism Speaks U, AKPsi business fraternity
Favorite DG Memory: It's so hard to pick just one, but living in the house and getting my big/little definitely stand out!


Name: Linda Chen
Hometown: Queens, NY
Major: Psychology Major
Position in DG: VP Membership, Pre-PA Club
Involvement on Campus: Case in Point
Favorite DG Memory: Greek WEEK

Name: Victoria El-Hayek
Hometown: Canfield, OH
Major: Psychology and Biology with a Chemistry minor
Involvement on Campus: La Alianza, Collegiate Connections mentor, Camp Kesem, volunteer at Cleveland Clinic Children's, prostate cancer research
Favorite DG Memory: All the nights at the DG house when I couldn't sleep and would end up sitting with sisters in the dining room for hours talking and joking around.

Name: Jenny Eurich
Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA
Major: Biochemistry 
Position in DG: Director of Greek Year
Involvement on Campus: Varsity Swimming, Cancer Stem Cell Research, Case Association of Student Athletes, Gamma Sigma Alpha
Favorite DG Memory: All the late night muddy rope pull practices during Greek Week and anchoring for the rope pull team!

Name: Natalia Gawlik
Hometown: St. Charles, IL
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Minors in Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science and Engineering
Involvement on Campus: Society of Women Engineers, Biomedical Engineering Society, CWRU Equestrian Team, Case Center for Imaging Research, Tau Beta Pi
Favorite DG Memory: Dancing like a fool in Variety Show for Greek Week

Name: Kara Hageman
Hometown: Pennington, NJ
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Position in DG: Director of Greek Year
Involvement on Campus: Varsity Basketball, President of AEMB (professional biomedical engineering fraternity), graduate and mentor of Emerging Leaders Program, Research Assistant for Dr. Sen Gupta
Favorite DG Memory: Participating and winning Greek Week the past 3 years.

Name: Nithya Kanagasegar
Hometown: Crossville, TN
Major: Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterials)
Position in DG: Director of Chapter Archives
Involvement on Campus: Varsity Tennis, SMARRT, Sustained Dialogue, Research in the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Department
Favorite DG Memory: Some of my favorite DG memories come from the shenanigans that Alicia, Inez, and I used to do in the house with some of the older members. One time in particular, I came home from practice, and Alicia was "helping" me stretch... the whole ordeal made for some... interesting pictures...

Name: Marie-Louise Kloster
Hometown: Hinsdale, IL 
Major: Chemistry (pre-med) 
Position in DG: Director of Sisterhood
Involvement on Campus: Varsity Track and Field (Captain), Acts of Random Kindness
Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory so far would be getting to cheer my sisters on during Greek Week. I was absolutely hoarse by the end of rope pull but it was completely worth it!   

Name: Sierra Leonard
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Accounting
Involvement on Campus: Beta Alpha Psi
Favorite DG Memory: Greek week pyramid practices in the rain and snow

Name: Annika Liljegren
Hometown: Groton, MA
Major: Nursing
Involvement on Campus: Panhellenic Council, SMARRT, USNA
Favorite DG Memory: Living in the house and living with Sam and Vick!

Name: Samantha Liu
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!)
Major: Biochemistry major
Position in DG: Director of Social Events
Involvement on Campus: Lab Assistant in Wesson Lab, Camp Kesem, volunteer at Rainbow Babies
Favorite DG Memory: Running into my biological sister's arms at Rho Chi reveal, our first hug as DG sisters.

Name: Cloay Maier
Hometown: Cinicinnati, OH
Major: Biomedical Engineering, with a minor in Polymers Science and Engineering
Involvement on Campus: research, Lambda Eta Mu (service fraternity)

Name: Madison Martin
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Major: Biology and Dance
Position in DG: Director of Crews
Involvement on Campus: MaDaCol, Sports Medicine, Department of Dance performances, Impulse, WISER, Urban Elementz
Favorite DG Memory: While getting ready for recruitment with my floor in the DG house, everyone started spontaneously making Chewbacca-like noises and just being goofy and fun. Later that day I got to have a good laugh about it with a potential new member who would end up being my little!

Name: Inez Moore
Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado
Major: Anthropology and Biology
Position in DG: Director of Ritual
Involvement on Campus: Varsity Swimming and Diving, Orientation Leader, Student Turning Point Society, Greek Life Office Intern, Spartan Cup
Favorite DG Memory: Living in the 6-pack sophomore year with all the seniors; Founder's Day revolt of 2016; planning inspiration and initiation; WILD events like tub off, rope pull, Pancake Night and vshow; watching my sisters perform in the groups they are a part of; staying connected to alum sisters; gaining hundreds of amazing role models

Name: Alicia Pacheco
Hometown: Demarest, NJ
Major: Psychology, pre-med
Involvement on Campus: Orientation leader, Triathalon Club
Favorite DG Memory: Winning my first tub-off

Name: Gabrielle Scariano
Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry Double Major
Position in DG: Director of Service Hours
Involvement on Campus: Varsity Women's Soccer, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, Study Abroad (Dublin, Spring 2016), Tissue Engineering research in Akkus Lab
Favorite DG Memory: Greek Week Champs 3 years running!

Name: Maddie Strnad
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Major: Chemistry and Teacher Education
Position in DG: VP Communications
Involvement on Campus: Ultimate Frisbee, Marching Band, Orthopedics Research, Solar Cell Research
Favorite DG Memory: Big/Little Reveal

Name: Maria Torres
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Minors in Mechanical Engineering and German
Position in DG: Director of Interfraternal Activities
Involvement on Campus: SHPE, SWE, Global Engineer's Brigade
Favorite DG Memory:Putting on face masks, and dancing in the living room looking like fools